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Life Calendar: How Was Your Day?

How was your day? An easy, but important question. If you wonder how many good days you have per year, how many are great, bad, horrible or just normal… This is your calendar!

Life Calendar: How was your day? is a funny and unique calendar in which you can reflect graphically your every day mood. It can be used as a mini personal diary of life experiences and help us to be conscious with our own wellbeing.

Each day can be represented by a clear emoticon face to draw how you felt that day. Five moods are suggested: very good, good, normal, bad, very bad. You can also draw many other faces or even include little notes that you might want to remember.

The calendar is valid for any year. There are 365 emoticon faces in the calendar, one per day, numbered and ordered by month. You can start the first day of the year or in any special date, like for example an anniversary. Once finished, the calendar becomes a very personal keepsake that can decorate a special corner of your home.

A Wap-oh! style item for yourself and/or perfect as a gift!

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