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This Woman Made A Cake That Looks Like A Real Raw Turkey, And It’s The Best Prank For Thanksgiving

Some call her the baker from hell, others – a diabolical genius, but one thing is for sure – Sarah Hardy has one hell of a talent. This British baker makes the most unique, goriest, craziest and weirdest cakes and chocolates you’ve ever seen.

More: The Edible Museum, Instagram, Recipe h/t: boredpanda

Do you want chocolate that looks like a human brain?

You got it! Fancy something sweet that looks just like a pig’s heart? Call Sarah!

“I love what I do. I get to be curious and create intriguing things out of delicious chocolate and this makes me happy. I get to make things that look like things that aren’t tasty… and then they are tasty. It’s a definite thing,” Sarah writes on her official page The Edible Museum.

Although Sarah Hardy’s name has been known for a long time to those that are into baking, she just recently went viral with her raw turkey cake. It sounds just as it looks – pretty revolting, but, God, oh-so-cool!

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