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Flowery Tale: A Paper Flower Vase Shaped Like a Book

This product functions as a vase by installing a test tube in the book’s spine. When opened, the silhouette of the vase appears. Each book contains 3 types of silhouettes; they can also be used upside down, giving a total of 6 variations.

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Due to its material and shape, the packaging also follows a book-like design. The product is put together in a B6-sized case, and contains the paper vase and test tube. While we wanted to keep the case design simple, we added a photo obi to show consumers how the product should be used. The back cover consists of comments from well-know designers and flower stylists.

Pure snowmelt water that spring from the ground at the food of Mt. Fuji. Against this backdrop of abundant water resources, Shizuoka’s paper manufacturing industry has developed through the production of high-quality paper for hundreds of years.

Founded in 1961, Dainichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. is an expert in notepad and sticky note manufacturing. Thanks to the technology that the company has accumulated over many years of handling paper products, the vase pages open smoothly one by one, and the silhouettes stand out beautifully.

The name “Flowery Tale” derives from a fairly-tale like life with flowers.

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