Giant 3D Mixed Media Street Art Sculpture Climbs Università Bicocca In Milan


At Milan’s Università Bicocca, italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi has collaborated with artist Gonzalo Borondo to realize ‘chained’, a mixed media work that interacts with architecture of the site. On the red façade of the building, Borondo has painted five male figures that embrace each other in a circular configuration. Large, coarse brushstrokes and a minimal palette grant the larger-than-life sized figures an abstract sensibility.


As the viewer’s eye moves up the face of the wall, a three-dimensional mesh figure sculpted by Tresoldi extrudes from the surface, beginning with legs that gradually blend into the surrounding painting. The white wire man is seemingly aided by the group below as he reaches over the edge of the building and lifts himself over the wall. The piece reflects the ways in which a collective effort and co-cooperation can help reach goals and overcome obstacles.

Via designboom

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