Austria Postal Service Prints Coronavirus-Themed Stamp on Toilet Paper

The stamp was inspired by the panic-buying of toilet paper when COVID-19 first hit Europe in the spring. It shows a baby elephant, a symbol which has encouraged citizens to keep their distance during the pandemic.

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The national delivery service said it got the idea for the three-layered stamp when hygienic products, in particular toilet paper, became a symbol for panic-buying. The splurges were sparked by lockdowns implemented to curb infections as the pandemic took hold across Europe earlier this year.

The stamp shows an image of a baby elephant, which has been used in Austria to symbolize the 1-meter (3.2 feet) physical distancing advice used in the European country to avoid the spread of the novel virus.

The novelty doesn’t end there, though. The stamp has the unusual value of €2.75 plus a surcharge of €2.75 ($3.25), as the mail service donates half of the price to help those who have been severely affected by the pandemic.

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