Russian Artist Has Left His Mark In The Most Unexpected Places Across The Country And Beyond Its Borders

Twenty-nine-year-old Stanislav Komissarov, aka Slava PTRK (an abbreviation of the word “Patriot”, his alias in computer games), is a street artist from the Urals. Nowadays he lives in Moscow and travels across Russia and Europe, leaving ‘mementos’ in different cities in the form of graffiti and installations that, by and large, deal with burning social issues. He has been doing street art for about 10 years, and has been very successful in the process: The artist has gone on to win many Russian and international prizes.

Slava PTRK spent his childhood in the Kurgan Region town of Shadrinsk. Like all children in Russia at the time, he would be glued to the television screen watching cartoons such as Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Ninja Turtles and The Black Cloak. In one of his series, Childhood in Front of the TV, Slava PTRK combines images from the cartoons of his childhood memories with films about Russian gangsters that, in the days of his youth, were no less popular among adult viewers than Disney fairy tales.

“I’ve tried to show visually how memory works,” Slava says about his work. “News, movies, TV shows, cartoons – all goes in one pile, and everything is mixed together.”

More: Slava PTRK, Instagram h/t: rbth

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