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Adorably Wrinkly Shar Pei Dons Delightful Costumes with a Stoic Expression

Meet Paddington, an adorable Shar Pei whose soft wrinkles make him look much older than his five years. Tasmania-based owner Annie Jacob highlights this fact by snapping delightful photos of him dressed in plaid jackets and reading glasses.

The wrinkled cutie amusingly resembles an old man, always donning the costumes with the same stoic face. This deadpan expression doesn’t change, despite his other getups.

With some simple additions, Paddington easily transforms into a shark, walrus, rabbit, and more. Whatever his costume of choice is on any given day, he’s a charming vision to see every single time.

Paddington isn’t the only one in his household. He has several feline brothers that he lives with, and together, they take sweet family photos of sleepy snuggles.

Via My Modern Met, Buzzfeed, Mirror

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