Curious Fox Strikes Up Unlikely Friendship With Polish Photographer

Netizens were left awestruck after a batch of stunning photos was released on the web, showcasing a fox’s close bond with a young photographer named Iza Łysoń in Krakow, Poland. The photos of 20-year-old Łysoń and the curious fox named Freya were taken in a forest. Instead of fleeing from the camera, Freya had no problems posing in front of the lens. Freya was found by owner Roxanne in 2015.

More info: Facebook, 500px

At first Freya was very aggressive towards people but Roxanne was very patient. After some time and work, the fox became much friendlier – which can clearly be seen from the photos. Although the images came out amazing, Łysoń said taking photos of a fox is not without challenges.

Łysoń explained, its “similar to taking photos of a dog – except you need to be faster”, as foxes are “not in the habit of staying motionless”.

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