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Japan Now Sells “Shiba Inu Stuck In Wall” Toys

Back in 2016, a trio of shiba inu dogs in the southern Japanese island of Kyushu adorably peeking out from holes in a wall went viral, attracting a steady flow of visitors to the quiet neighborhood eager to see the scene for themselves.

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It’s a safe bet that many of the people who were charmed by the sight wished they could see it in person, if not take one of those cute shiba inu home with them.

Well, it took a few years, but now Japanese toy and novelty goods maker Kitan Club has created the next best thing: A “shiba inu stuck in a wall” toy series which you can buy for a mere 300 JPY from a capsule toy dispenser and take home with you!

Not only do these toys perfectly re-create the cute image of these loveable shibes, they also double as magnets so you can stick them on your refrigerator, your file cabinet, or any other metallic surface to turn into a wall.

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