Today Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Marvelling At This Gorgeous Ginger Cat


Say hello to Kotleta, otherwise known as the Catriarch. She earned this unusual title for her regal gaze and refined behaviour. Recently, her owner decided it was time to spread the Catriarch’s fame far and wide, and she is currently taking Instagram by storm.

We decided to assist her in her mission. If for no other reason than she is such a wondrous cat that you can’t help but feel your day has become that bit more positive having seen her. So here are a few shots of the most gorgeous cat we’ve seen in a long time.

Look at all my fan mail!


You don’t need half this stuff. Just let me have it — I could do with a spare bed in this room.


What are you looking at? Kiss me!


One must wrap up warm during the colder months.


I think this hat suits me…


Gaze upon the mysterious and almighty Catriarch


My favourite position for relaxation


Why yes, my fur is just as magnificent close up!


The Catriarch does not give in to provocation!


Three, two, one…and lift off!


I allow myself confectionery once a week.


They say a ginger cat has the perfect camouflage for autumn — here’s the proof.


I only allow myself to be photographed officially in a certain way. This is from my latest shoot.


But I’m also an excellent photographer myself!

h/t: hobopeeba, brightside

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