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Solar-powered Sustainer Homes Give You The Freedom To Live Anywhere


Wish you had the freedom to live anywhere without ever paying another cent in utilities? If so, Netherlands-based Sustainer Homes has developed the perfect home for you. The Dutch company recently unveiled a solar-powered shipping container house prototype that’s not only portable, but also fully furnished and can be taken completely off-grid.


Sustainer Homes was conceived as a solution to the housing crisis faced by younger generations, which struggle with rising rents and exorbitant housing prices. “Independence and sustainability define the home of tomorrow,” write the Sustainer Homes team. “We’re pioneering in all aspects of future living: modular, mobile, smart.”


Each repurposed container is fully furnished and lined with ECOboard, bio-based wood-free panels made from pressed recycled agricultural residues like grass and straw. The furnishings and water fixtures were carefully selected for their low environmental impact, from linseed oil-based paints to chairs made from recycled refrigerators. The home operates 100% off-grid and is powered by solar and wind energy that can produce around 5,000 kWh each year with the excess stored in a 20 kWh battery system.

Via Inhabitat

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