Glow In The Dark Bicycle Path Unveiled In Poland


This glow in the dark bicycle path can be found near Lidzbark Warminski in the north of Poland. It’s made from a synthetic material that is charged by the sun, and it can hold up to ten hours of light. The impressive strip is powered entirely by the sun, and it’s still in the testing phases. Studio Roosegaarde’s Starry Night bike lane inspired TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o to create the glowing bike path.

More info: TPA Sp. z o.o., Next Nature Network (h/t: inhabitat)


According to Next Nature Network, the luminophores, or “particles” in the bike lane material can emit a variety of colors, and the designers picked blue to best fit in with the surrounding landscape. They also researched the sustainability of the materials they utilized, and how to make the materials as cost effective as possible since the bike lane does cost more than traditional lanes.


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