Chinese Welder Spends A Year Building Life-size Transformers Model For His Lucky Son


In parts of China, building giant “life-size” Transformer models out of scrap metal is a popular hobby. The latest Transformers creation comes from shipyard welder Wang Liansheng, who spent a year constructing the giant Bumblebee model as a gift for his young son. Father of the Year, right?


Liangsheng took his son to see the Transformers movie last August, and the boy became a huge fan. He gifted his son a Transformers toy, and the boy asked for a bigger one. (Of course he did.) Liangsheng put his thinking cap on and decided to undertake the enormous task of building a life-size Bumblebee replica from scrap car parts collected from a junk yard.


After a year of welding, his son’s dreams have come true. His very own Bumblebee weighs around 3 tons, and stands 5 meters (16 feet) tall and 3 meters (10 feet) wide. That little boy is likely the envy of all the neighborhood children in their village of Jiangsu, China. Who would have ever thought scrap metal could be so much fun?

Via Inhabitat, Mashable. Images via People’s Daily.

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