The Ginger Project: Photographer Took Portraits To Fight Against Red-Head Discrimination


According to photographer Gabrielė Gurčiūtė: “I created a project in order to change the common view about red haired people. They are quite often discriminated or bullied just because of their natural hair color and unusual features, such as freckles or pale skin.”


“Redheads, especially kids at school, are having hard times when others are making fun of them or calling them names just because of their hair. That’s why I wanted to show redheads and their beautiful features in a series of portraits called “The Ginger Project”.”


“I know that “ginger” might be offensive sometimes, but this is the reason I chose this name, so that every red-haired person would be able to say “I am ginger” and be proud of it. The project aims to change these stereotypes and to show how beautiful people are. Also, it encourages everyone to be proud of their uniqueness.”

Via Bored Panda

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