Photographer Find Flags Hiding In The Streets Of Hong Kong – Design You Trust

Photographer Find Flags Hiding In The Streets Of Hong Kong

“FLAG IT UP” – when pictures claim their nationalities. I have been always attracted to graphic design and photography has become a tool to find graphics in the real world and give them life through the people moving in that space. In my search for geometry, patterns and colors, I found myself seeing flags.”

“Flags are the perfect subject for a minimal, eye-catching picture thanks to its strong graphic elements: color blocking and geometric shapes above all. It is also a fun and meaningful project for us as, a family of Italians living in the very international city of Hong Kong.”

“Our little kids love to hunt for flags and they get very excited when we find a friend’s national flag or when there are missing elements and we have to come up with a creative idea to make the flag complete.”


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