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Amazing Pictures of New York City in the early 1980s

NYC in the late 1970s and early 80s could best be described using Charles Dickens’ phrase “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Meryl Meisler’s photographs documented it with compassion and humor. As the city neared bankruptcy, crime rates rose, epidemics of arson and crack made the Big Apple seem like it was rotting to the core. In the midst of it all, a scintillating groundbreaking disco nightlife culture arose. Crossing the most exclusive clubs’ velvet gates, Meryl danced and photographed with her medium format camera.

Unisex Beauty Salon, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, 1984.

Sherlock’s Shadow, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, 1984.

Jose and Classmate in Schoolyard Chillin’, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, June 1984.

High Hat Hand Raised, Bushwick, Brooklyn, April 1982.

Roller Skates, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, circa 1984.

Awake! La Atalaya, May 1982

Boyz to Men, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, October 1982.

Last Wall, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, June 1982.

Handshake Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, September 1984.

Muscle Boy and The Little Rascals of Palmetto Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, May 1982.

Pink Twins, Bushick, Brooklyn, NY, Circa 1983.

Boy in a Tire, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, 1984.

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