An Introverted Artist Details The Struggles Of An Introverted Life

Being an introvert in an extrovert’s world is tiring. Some people just don’t understand how wonderful it is to get away from people, lock the front door and watch Netflix until the weekend is over. While an extrovert obtains gratification from the outside world, an introvert prefers their own company and spends less time in large groups.

But being an introvert can sometimes get you weird looks. Because why wouldn’t you want to go to that crowded restaurant after work? And why won’t you come out for karaoke night with the girls?

Introverted artist Aaron Caycedo-Kimura decided to help people understand the introverted way of life, he needed to create a cartoon series. It details his INFJ personality type (introversion, intuition, feeling, judging), with him saying the cartoons came to him after he hit an emotional and artistic wall: ‘Life is hard, and I think it’s even harder when you’re an INFJ’.

Via Trenf, Lost At E Minor, Introvert

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