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Adorable Comics That Have Unexpected Takes On Everyday Situations

If you like flicking through comics, you‘re in for a treat. The artist Andres Colmenares is busy on Instagram delivering some cute and wholesome comics to distract us from whatever is bothering us. The Colombian illustrator‘s comics feature cute animals and various everyday things coming to life and reminding us what is really important.

More: Wawawiwa, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Artists take inspiration from all different sources. Obviously the pandemic really got some people reflecting about it in their art and Andres is no exception; however, he usually avoids talking about the negative things that are currently happening in the world or issues we have to deal with.

He focuses more on other things: “I try to focus more on scenes that people might experience and relate to, but I leave it more open, so they can find different meanings to it. Other times I just do silly comics, since my main goal is to post content that works as a break from all the bad news and negativity you see around.”

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