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Meet Cute Friendly Swimming Pigs In Bahamas

The Bahamas, the Commonwealth nation of hundreds of islands roughly the size of Connecticut and with population of just a bit over Anaheim, is known for its crystal waters and pristine beaches. This is possibly one of the world’s most beautiful havens of nature, yet people are coming here to see pigs. It is unclear when the pigs first appeared on Exuma Island or where they come from. There’s talk about a daring escape from a shipwreck, or sailors releasing the swine on purpose. In all probability, there were no pigs on this tropical paradise before European settlers came, so their mere presence is the work of human. The intriguing feat of nature, however, is that this population of pigs developed a fine aptitude for swimming. Here: “Hey, gull, I’m not a ferry! Ok, maybe I am”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Petr Svab via The Epoch Times/Public Domain)

“What are you looking at? Never seen a seagull? …riding a pig …in a sea”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

“An advanced state of chillin’”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

“A pig? Lady, as long as you feed me, you can call me whatever”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

“The water’s good today”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

“So you’re on a boat in Bahamas and then this pig swims by begging for food”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

“Don’t mind me. Just doing my cardio”. (Photo and caption by Lisa Larsen/Public Domain)

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