An Artist Captured the Innocence of Childhood by Photographing His Three Sons

Landon’s Lion

Gabriel Tomoiaga born in Romania currently settled in Seattle. He’s a determined artist with an eye for detail always looking to capture unique photos. Gabe established a reputation for artistic photographs and avant garde portrait paintings. His work envelops a combination of beauty, supernatural, and fantasy. He likes to use nature and abandoned places as a means of telling a story and bending reality in the process.

A Boy And His Plane

“I create a surreal world of childlike wonders with the help of my three sons, all under the age of four, who inspire me to bring my vision to life. I like to create worlds where we can go back in time to experience childhood again. I want to inspire and open the minds of children and adults around the world to use their imagination and encourage them to think outside the box.”, says Gabriel to Bored Panda.

Fishing For Dreams

“Every photograph tells a story. My ideas come from my boys being boys. In every photo session, I let my sons roam free through the fields and capture them playing, laughing, talking and interacting with their surrounding. I watch them absorb their surroundings. Letting my sons explore and experience life allows me to tag along after their journey and watch them grow as individuals.”


“Everything they say and do inspire me to create magical photographs. My sons help me see the simple things in life and most importantly help me be a better father and grow as a person. My sons inspire me to think outside the box and really push the limit.”

The Fallen

Landon And The Wild Things

A Route Less Traveled / In Search Of Love

Innocence Tames The Beast

The Living Tree In Hallow Forest

Liam Of The Wolves

Outgrown And Left Out

Hold On To Precious Life

Gone With The Wind

Little Explorer

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