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Digital Artist Remixes Famous Faces To Create Seamless Celebrity Hybrids


What began as a playful premise in 2002 has developed into an internet sensation for digital artist @gesichtermix, who remixes some of the world’s most famous faces into hybrid celebrity portraits. The digital artist seamlessly brings together two photographs of different actors, singers and political figures, and merges them into a single composite being.

h/t: designboom, mymodernmet

Leonardo Dicaprio / Sean Penn

Rihanna / Katy Perry

Robert De Niro / Kevin Spacey

Channing Tatum / Pharrell

David Cameron / Justin Trudeau

Ted Cruz / Chris Christie

Shaquille O’Neal / 50 Cent

David Beckham / Gerard Butler

Tom cruise / John Travolta

Pierce Brosnan / Bryan Cranston

Justin Bieber / Justin Timberlake

Brendan Fraser / Robin Williams

Natalie Portman / Scarlett Johansson

Charlie Sheen / Ashton Kutcher

Ben Affleck / Daniel Day Lewis

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