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20 Fantastic Works Of Street Art That Brightened Up Our Streets Last Year


Street art, just like any other form of art, is constantly evolving. Once, it consisted of only lonesome frescoes; nowadays, however, grandiose festivals are held where the soul of these otherwise hard-to-see artists is revealed to the world. Every single one of them has a distinctive style and captivates the viewer with something of their own: sometimes it’s the scale of the work, sometimes their humour; others captivate us with their superb use of the environment.

Papeete, Tahiti. Artist: Еduardo Kobra

Casuarina, Peru. Artist: JADE

Tauranga, New Zealand. Artist: Hula

Papeete, Tahiti. Artists: Seth Globepainter and HTJ

Calais, France. Artist: Banksy. More here.

Miami, USA. Artist: INTI

Stockholm, Sweden. Artist: Yash

Montreal, Canada. Artist: Emmanuel Jarus

Oslo, Norway. Artist: Julien de Casabianca (More here)

Lodz, Poland. Artist: Alexis Diaz (More here)

Montreal, Canada.Artist: Seth Globepainter

Ordes, Spain. Artist: SPOK

Bobowa, Poland. Artist: NeSpoon (More here)

Turin, Italy. Artists: Rems182 and Fabio Zanino

Sliema, Malta and Sapri, Italy. Artist: MTO

Bristol, United Kingdom. Artist: Dale Grimshaw

Paris, France. Artists: Zag and Sìa (More here)

Saint-Etienne, France. Artist: Oakoak (More here)

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Artists: Martin Ron and THG

Soho, Brooklyn, New York. Artist: Okuda

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