The Dark Pen and Ink Drawings of Richey Beckett

Richey Beckett is a pen and ink illustrator based in the Welsh countryside. He has lent his detailed and intricate line to the record covers of some of the world’s biggest bands: Foo Fighters, Pixies, Queen of the Stone Age…

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Drawing inspiration from biblical and natural history illustrators and printmakers such as Gustave Doré, Durer, and Bewick, from Art Nouveau deco, from the striking colors of psychedelia and the organic textures and patterns of nature, Beckett has created his own vibrant visual language.

His style is magnified when he tackles works like The Wickerman or fantasy with the Lords of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Leaning towards folk horror, the sheer amount of detail Richey is able to include in a single illustration is simply mind-boggling.

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