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Beaming 93-Year-Old Gleefully Models Granddaughter’s Colorful Weavings


Artist Chinami Mori weaves delightfully colorful creations, her cheerful 93-year-old grandmother models them, and together they’re a match made in Instagram heaven.


Using a rainbow-colored assortment of fabric, string, and yarn, Mori engages in a freestyle Japanese weaving technique known as Saori. This method allows her to weave without restrictions as she pairs together various materials to produce fun combinations.


“There are no rules,” explains the craftswoman. “I can weave as freely and as colorfully as I want.”


To see this exciting form of art in action, Mori’s grandmother Emiko spends time in her studio almost every day.


“She’s my favorite person in the whole world,” the artist reveals. “I make grandma happy, and that’s just so much fun for me, too.”


Before long, Mori realized that her adorable grandma would serve as the perfect model for her creations. That’s when she began to post photos of Emiko wearing her multicolored designs on Instagram and, right away, her followers couldn’t get enough. Between the 93-year-old’s jovial expressions and Mori’s vibrant weavings, each snapshot is an artistic burst of joy.

h/t: mymodernmet, boredpanda, instagram


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