Parent Of An Autistic Son Who Hates Being In Photos T-Rex Solution Isn’t Just Brilliant, It’s Hilarious

We all love a nice family photoshoot, but for some parents it isn’t always easy to create the perfect snapshot. That was the case for Samantha Bishop, a professional photographer and mother of two from Bremen, GA, whose son Levi has autism and is uncomfortable posing for photos.

But that all changed after the mom had a genius idea that got her son involved and created a shoot that is sure to be memorable. She decided to let Levi dress up as a T-Rex and have fun with his sister instead.

“Levi always says, ‘I don’t know what to do with my face.’ I found a way around that by buying him a T-Rex suit and letting him wear it for ‘family photos.’ Absolutely no regrets,” Samantha wrote on the Facebook page for Roaming Magnolias, her photography business.

The photos show Levi pretending to be a mighty dinosaur and playing around with Lola.

More: Facebook h/t: workingmother

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