“The Family Of Man”: 503 Images By 273 Photographers From 68 Countries


“The Family of Man” opened at The Museum of Modern Art in January 1955 and was curated by Edward Steichen. It was groundbreaking in its scope – 503 images by 273 photographers from 68 countries – as well as in the numbers of people who experienced it on its tour through 88 venues in 37 countries. The touring exhibit drew over 9 million people and the accompanying catalog sold over 2.5 million copies.

“Coney Island, New York,” by American photographer Garry Winogrand, circa 1952. (Photo by Garry Winogrand)

This year, in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the exhibit, The Museum of Modern art re-issued the exhibit catalogue, “The Family of Man: 60th Anniversary” reproducing all 503 images. Edward Steichen – photographer, painter, and director of MoMA’s Department of Photography from 1947 to 1961 – spent three years organizing the exhibition.

“Angel Baby,” by American photographer Edward Wallowitch, circa 1950. (Photo by Edward Wallowitch)

Steichen described the images included in “The Family of Man” as “a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world. Photographs made in all parts of the world.”

“East End Morning,” by British photographer Bill Brandt, 1937. (Photo by Bill Brandt)

According to the Museum of Modern Art, “the photographs included in the exhibition focused on the commonalties that bind people and cultures around the world and the exhibition served as an expression of humanism in the decade following World War II.”

“Sumatra, Indonesia,” by French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1950. (Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson)

“Untitled” by Swiss photographer Jakob Tuggener, circa 1943. (Photo by Jakob Tuggener)

“Inuit Mother Caresses Her Child in Igloo, Padleimut Tribe, N.W.T.,” by Canadian photographer Richard Harrington, 1950. (Photo by Richard Harrington)

“Hands of Old Homesteader, Iowa,” by American Photographer Russell Lee, 1936. (Photo by Russell Lee)

“Three on a Bench, Detroit River,” by American photographer Bill Rauhauser, circa 1952. (Photo by Bill Rauhauser)

“Damaged Child, Shacktown, Elm Grove, Oklahoma,” by American photographer, Dorothea Lange, 1936. (Photo by Dorothea Lange)

“Capt. Ike Fenton. No Name Ridge, Korea,” by American photographer David Douglas Duncan, 1950. (Photo by David Douglas Duncan)

“Dance Hall, New York,” by American photographer Ed Feingersh, circa 1953. (Photo by Ed Feingersh)

“Mother and Child,” by American photographer Nell Dorr, circa 1950. (Photo by Nell Dorr)

“Untitled” by Dutch photographer Emmy Andriesse, circa 1947. (Photo by Emmy Andriesse)

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