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Russian Photographer Takes Portraits With Real Animals And People Say Her Works Look Like They’re Straight From A Fairy Tale

These pictures are what dreams and fairytales are made of—Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova (previously) creates beautiful portraits that balance between the real and surreal. While she nails lighting, composition, and other important aspects of the craft, arguably the most impressive feature of Plotnikova’s work is her feature of animals that we aren’t used to seeing in fine-art photography. Like a bear. Or a moose.

While seemingly dangerous, these ideas were made possible with the help of professional animal trainers.

And even if Plotnikova includes a more “conventional” animal, the bond these creatures create with her models on set looks so strong, it’s like she has cast a spell on them.

Every pixel of Katerina’s photos radiates such rich mysticism, her work is absolutely enchanting.

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