This Artist Made A Collection Of Farm Animal Sculptures From Unconventional Materials Like Shoes, Mops, And Leather Bags – Design You Trust

This Artist Made A Collection Of Farm Animal Sculptures From Unconventional Materials Like Shoes, Mops, And Leather Bags


Artist Federico Uribe, has created ‘Farm Animals’, a collection of animal sculptures made from a variety of recycled materials.

h/t: contemporist

This bull has been made from the soles of shoes.

Federico mentions, “Animal Farm is an installation inspired by memory and attachment. I spent most of my childhood in my grandparents farm in Colombia. These are the best memories of my childhood. I have tried to recreate these animals and the peaceful atmosphere of the farm.”

This dog has been made from colored pencils.

This mare has been made from scrap wood.

This cat has been made from scrap wood too.

As has this cow.

This dog was made from clothespins.

This donkey has been made using corks.

This ram was made using mops and shoe laces.

This horse was made using wood shavings.

This stallion has been made from leather bags.

This pig is made from scrap wood.

This donkey was made from shoes.

This chicken was made from colored pencils.

This swan was made from scrap wood.

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