This Is How Manhole Covers Look In Japan


There are many different ways that artists and city municipalities can work together to decorate their cities, but it seems like city administrators in Japan have come up with one solution that is as unexpected and whimsical as it is creative and beautiful – decorated manhole covers.

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Each municipality takes pride in its manhole cover design, which can display anything from municipal symbols and local landscapes to abstract patterns or illustrations of local legends. There’s even a Japan Society of Manhole Covers!

It all started in the 1980s, when Japan began modernizing sewage infrastructure in more rural areas. These expensive changes were met with resistance until one bureaucrat came up with an inspired solution – give cities the opportunity to decorate their manholes and display their local pride. Eventually, the whole phenomenon was described by Remo Camerota in his book Drainspotting.

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Two types of manhole covers in Wakayama City. Seen on the cover: Temari handballs. . Not sure about the cover’s description since it’s in Japanese. Trying to use the translation app but seemed not right . Here is the description: (please let me know if you know the meaning😊) •和歌山市公共下水道のマンホール蓋は、「てんてんてんまり てんてまり」で始まる「まりと殿様」の歌でおなじみの「紀州てまり」が描かれた優雅なデザインです。 • 西条八十、中山晋平コンビの「毬と殿さま」にちなんで、大小の紀州手鞠をデザインしている。 •毬と殿さま」にちなみ、まりが図案化され、左の鞠中心部に和歌山市章 . . #manholecover #マンホール #マンホールの蓋 #amilamanholecover #manhole #manholecovers #マンホール倶楽部 #マンホール蓋 #マンホールカバー #japanmanhole

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