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Classical Paintings are Beautifully Reproduced on this Artist’s Cake Icing Patterns

Maria A. Aristidou

Best known for her incredible coffee art, artist Maria A. Aristidou (previously) recently decided to branch out artistically… into making even more edible of creations.

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh, 1889

But you won’t to eat them because Aristidou paints beautiful recreations of classic masterpieces on them.

The Scream, Edward Munch, 1893

Partnering with local cake gallery in Cyprus, Vienna Boutique, she uses a variety of edible paints to create her cake adaptations.

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali, 1931

The most impressive part? It typically only takes 6-10 hours for Aristidou to finish each one.

Girl Before Mirror, Pablo Picasso, 1932

Her unique and beautiful works are something that everyone can appreciate, but artists and bakers alike have a special admiration for her ability to make such beautiful use of such an unorthodox medium.

Maria A. Aristidou

Girl Before Mirror, Pablo Picasso, 1932

Via Dose

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