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Gelatin Lamps Look Just Like Revolting Vintage Jell-O Recipes

Artist Leanne Rodriguez aka Elrod of Mexakitsch has perfected the art of creating some of the most disgusting gelatin recipes from the 50s and casting them in resin, turning them into functional table lamps!

Looking exactly like the unappealing mid-20th century aspic creations from gelatin brands Knox and Jell-O (as well as vintage Good Housekeeping) recipes, these handmade resin lamps not only cast a kitschy glow but, look closely and you’ll see some of them even include a little colorful glitter in them.

More: Mexakitsch, Instagram h/t: ifitshipitshere, messynessychic

“My style, like I mentioned before, is very flat and graphic. There is no sense of “painterly” qualities whatsoever, and I like that. I don’t like shading, but I enjoy rendering my work by placing solid colors in order so the eye blends and renders the object for you. It’s the juxtaposition of colors that I enjoy to play with the most. I really enjoy watching colors react with one another. The science behind my work is all in the layering. I use a multitude of mediums, and I don’t actually use the same application more than a few times. Because of this, each painting is like an experiment and usually involves a lot of praying and pants-shitting. It’s both fun AND scary. I think I might be addicted to the adrenaline that pumps through me while I’m waiting for a piece to dry,” she told in interview.

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