Agnė Kišonaitė Used 1,969 Nail Polish Bottles To Create This Work Of Art


Lithuania-based artist Agnė Kišonaitė created this colorful piece of cosmetic art using 1,969 bottles of assorted nail polish. The project, which is titled ‘Glass Blowing’ is a large mural of a female’s face that emphasizes a set of large, red lips.


The artist began the cosmetic art by collecting 5,000 bottles of nail polish and sorting them into 21 different shades. After this time-consuming process, Agnė Kišonaitė carefully placed the bottles onto a canvas using a paint-by-number tactic — only using colors instead of numerals.


The use of nail polish bottles for this mural is the artist’s way of sending a message to the cosmetic industry about the importance of creating recyclable products. While many makeup brands use packaging that can only be placed in the trash, this artwork is a beautiful and creative way to eliminate some of the industry’s waste.

Agne Kisonaite
Stained glass_AgneArt

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