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This Cute, But Expensive UFO Alien Abduction Earring

This is the ‘Tender Abduction UFO Earring’ crafted and sold by Sofia Ajram on Etsy. Admittedly *rubbing aloe on sphincter* a tender alien abduction would be nice for once. The 14k gold and diamond earring is actually an ear jacket (it only requires a single piercing to wear since the tractor beam rays are attached to the UFO via a post in the rear) but, unfortunately for anybody who wants one but isn’t made of money, cost $830 apiece.

That makes a pair *doing the math* $830 x 2. Of course it’s only a matter of time until somebody makes a cheap knockoff, because, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s people stealing other people’s ideas to make a quick buck.

More: Etsy h/t: geekologie

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