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This Japanese Artist Turns Childhood Toys Into Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Nightmares

There’s no feeling in the world quite like the one a little kid experiences when they wake up on Christmas morning to find Santa Claus has fulfilled their dreams and left them a bevy of amazing toys. However, we’re pretty sure only the strangest children would be thrilled if they unwrapped their presents to find their playthings had been transformed into nightmarish post-apocalyptic pieces of art. That’s too bad, because these creations are way more fascinating than normal action figures.

Japanese artist Y. Nakajima has somehow managed to take the unhealthy obsession of Toy Story‘s Sid for ruining his sister’s toys by turning them into disturbed demonic figures and made them into haunting works of art. Because Thomas the Tank Engine might be fun for kids, but he’s a lot more visually interesting when it looks like he mated with the giant spider from Wild, Wild West.

More info: Twitter (h/t: nerdist)

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