Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” Campaign (2007-2012) By Annie Leibovitz


Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” advertisement campaign which started in 2007 in collaboration with the star photographer Annie Leibovitz is featuring celebrities like Sean Connery, Steffi Graf, Keith Richards, Angelina Jolie, Muhammad Ali and many more.

Using such multifaceted personalities for its campaigns, the fashion house clearly tries to appeal to a broader audience. Moreover, it is focusing on its core values which are “travelling and craftsmanship”. All the selected brand representatives have achieved something special in their life and can be brought in connection with journeys at the same time – “Achievers who changed things”.

“A single journey can change a course of a life” Angelina Jolie – American actress

“Inside every story there is a beautiful journey” Sophie and Francis Ford Coppola – American film director with his daughter

“Sometimes home is just a feeling.” Catherine Deneuve – French actress

“Some journeys cannot be put into words.” Keith Richards from Rolling Stones

“Three exceptional journeys. One historic game.” Pele, Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane – soccer stars

“There are journeys that turn into legends” Sean Connery – Scottish actor

“Some journeys change mankind forever.” Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell – US Astronauts (2009) 40th anniversary of man’s conquest of the Moon

“The journey of a star, captured in a flash.” Mikhail Baryshnikov with Annie Leibovitz – Russian ballet dancer and US star Photographer

“A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.” Mikhail Gorbachev – Russian statesman

“Is there any greater journey than love?” Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf – tennis stars

“Some stars show you the way.” Muhammad Ali – heavyweight boxing champion

Bono and his wife Ali

“Two extraordinary journeys. Just one way to get there.” Larissa Latynina and Michael Phelps – Gymnast and swimmer of legend

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