Sense Of Water: The First And Highly Anticipated Photo Book By Finnish Photographer Susanna Majuri


For the past fourteen years Susanna Majuri has been working with water. She uses water as if it were paint. It merges people and landscapes together, blurs the dimensions and adds a metaphorical depth to her photography. In her images Majuri composes multiple psychological and symbolically charged scenarios to mirror her innermost feelings.


”My photographs can be seen as different places for emotions. I want to narrate feelings like in novels. I photograph strangers, they invoke my desire, and I ask them to come with me. I conceal my dreams and desires in images. Water paints with me, it merges the people and the landscapes together. Feelings can be revealed, but remain hidden. You can recognise these photographed places in your imagination. Mysteries will become your secrets, and I want to take you into your dreams. Here, in the images, my protagonists sing with tunes of joy and yearning. I borrow poet Tua Forsström: I said it was a dream, because I wanted to stay.”


Sense of Water is Susanna Majuri’s first book. The book takes the spectator on a visual and emotional journey inside these deeply personal scenes, which are loaded with things one cannot talk. The untold stories, the fear of losing someone you love, profound loneliness. The images will be paired with writings from four Nordic writers Vigdís Grímsdóttir, Monica Fagerholm, Tua Forsström and for the first time Susanna Majuri herself. She hands the reader a map into this other, secret world and unveils the enormous narrative potential that hides outside of the frames.


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