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An Apocalyptic Beauty: The Atmospheric Photographs of Glen Rubsamen


Born in 1957, Glen Rubsamen is a multifaceted artist and writer, whose primary mediums are painting and photography. Rubsamen’s body of work resonates with a documentary-style curiosity, meticulously accumulating images of nature’s dramatic moments. His fascination spans from the romantic spectacle of sunrises and sunsets to luxuriant foliage and apocalyptic visuals.

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His technique involves abrupt combinations of diverse perspectives and radical foreshortening of subjects, mainly trees and objects. This approach unveils an uninhabited, almost antagonistic world – an attacked nature that recalls the dire aftermath of meteorological or technological disasters. Rubsamen’s pieces radiate a sense of hostility and turmoil, which is strikingly contrasted by the stunning natural beauty he represents.


Characteristic to Rubsamen’s work is the noticeable absence of human life. His tendency towards monochrome, coupled with a deliberate avoidance of spatio-temporal cues, establishes an atmosphere permeated by an austere tranquility and a profound sense of spirituality. This dichotomy, a world filled with chaotic beauty yet devoid of human presence, provides his work with a unique flavor.


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