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Magical Teacher Helps Students In The Himalayas Play Quidditch


Anshu Agarwal is a freelance photographer and traveler currently working as a teacher in an isolated Himalayan village in Garhwal, Utterakhand. To help his students along with their English lessons, Anshu started showing Harry Potter films each Sunday.

h/t: metro


The students, as you’d expect, fell in love with the stories, and said they wanted to become witches and wizards. So Anshu decided to make it happen, with a large-scale recreation of a Quidditch match.


Anshu told “We constructed a nifty 1 foot high wooden bench, mimicked some broomsticks as shown in the movies and arranged for a volleyball. As many as 40 children of the village clustered around in different locations of the village for 4 consecutive Sundays as I captured them hopping on their broomsticks.”


Anshu took the best photographs of the kids playing on their broomsticks, used some Photoshop wizardry, and voila. The students were flying around on broomsticks and chasing the golden snitch.


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