Photographer Captures Everyday Life In Mozambique, Here Are His Best Shots

There’s nothing like candid everyday life realities to inspire street photographers. One of them is a talented photographer and a French language teacher, Grégory Escande, who captures cheerful moments as well as hardships of people living in Maputo, Mozambique, which is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

Born in Spain and raised in the south of France, Escande moved to Africa 20 years ago and chooses to have a “studio on the street” to create a beautiful and authentic portrait of the capital of Mozambique through vibrant and striking photos. He captures scenes that are so common there that they would go unnoticed, such as mothers and their children, men recycling and selling products on the streets, and kids playing, and shares them with the rest of the world. He takes both genuine and unstaged portraits and recreates the scenes he sees in the streets every day by putting more thought and effort into it.

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