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From Australia With Love – Beauty Photography By Chris Dwyer

Chris Dwyer is an internationally recognized photographer specialising in both women’s and men’s fashion. His passion for photography was discovered whist living in Canada, where by early in his career, he became a top ranked headshot photographer.

He then moved back to his home country of Australia, to broaden his photography and immerse himself in the vast fashion industry and rich culture the country has to offer. Establishing a particular love for the beach, his work has thrived in beach and location photography.

With experience in acting and modelling, Chris has learnt valuable knowledge about what is required in front of the camera. Passing on this knowledge has allowed Chris to direct and shoot a range of successful portfolios.

He is easy to work with, social and very outgoing. Always pushing himself to do better, and truly bringing out the best in the images he takes, there are no limits to where Chris’photography will go.

More info: Chris Dwyer, Instagram, Facebook, 500px

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