Fly Geyser: A Collision Of Human Error And Natural Geothermal Pressure Created This Rainbow-Colored Geologic Wonder

Photo by Jeremy C. Munns

We just learned that the Black Rock Desert in Nevada is home to an actual Geyser of Awesome! Behold the colorful spouting splendor of the Fly Geyser, located near the edge of Fly Reservoir in the Hualapai Geothermal Flats.

h/t: geyserofawesome, atlasobscura

Photo by Jeremy C. Munns

This gorgeous geyser isn’t a naturally occurring spring. It was created by accident back in 1964 after drilling took place in search of sources for geothermal energy. Although hot water was successfully struck, it wasn’t hot enough for generating electricity, so the new well was capped. The cap didn’t hold, which lead to the creation of Fly Geyser, where colorful dissolved minerals have been rising with the water and accumulating along with thermophilic algae for over 50 years.

Photo by Ken Lund

Watch this beautiful video shot by Justin Majeczk to get an even closer look at Fly Geyser:

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