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Design Duo Creates Chairs Inspired By The Human Anatomy

Daishi Luo and Zhipeng Tan are the members of a creative design duo which creates furniture inspired by the human body, including tall spinal chairs with pelvis seats and other stuff you might find odd.

More: Mán-mán Studio, Instagram h/t: playjunkie

The creators of Mán-Mán Studio explain that their art pieces are made of copper, “because of the charm of the material. Copper is alive, its plasticity is very high, and it is not what we always see.”

“This is an introspection behavior in the process of industry. After industrial mass production meets most of the needs of life, handicraft often represents the products of nature and culture. People begin to pursue the appeal of inner spirit instead of fast consumption,” they said in an interview for China Design Centre.

They exhibited their work in galleries both locally and internationally, in cities like Milano, Shanghai, Miami, etc.

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