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This Daredevil Diver Discovered A New River… Under Water


Anatoly Beloshchin is a professional diver and photographer. Recently he traveled to Mexico, and dove in the Cenote Angelita. Another name for a cenote is a sinkhole, and it’s formed by the collapse of cave walls. The floor of these natural wells is usually covered with water. An interesting fact is that cenotes are mostly found in Mexico. When diving, Anatoly managed to take photos of a truly unique natural phenomenon: an underwater river.

h/t: brightside


To take these photos, the diver had to dive down to a depth of 60 meters underwater. If you take a closer look, you’ll see sand banks, snags, and fallen leaves. All in all, it looks just like an ordinary river.


Sea water rich in hydrogen sulfide is much heavier than ordinary water. Because of this, it sinks down and forms a stream, looking exactly like a real river on the surface.


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