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The Legacy of Paul Sougy: Mid-Century Scientific Illustrations that Influenced a Generation


Paul Sougy’s mid-Century collaboration with Dr. Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux resulted in a series of stunning scientific illustrations. Originally intended as large pull-down charts for classroom walls, Sougy’s work influenced an entire generation of French children. Despite the impact of his work, little is known about the man himself.

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Dr. Auzoux’s legacy, on the other hand, continues to be celebrated. His 3D papier-mâché models of plants have been digitized and exhibited by l’Ecole Supérieure du Professorat et de l’Education (School for Teaching and Education), while his intricate models of the human body and insects are on display at the Whipple Museum in Cambridge, UK.


As for Sougy, he is remembered by a road named after him in his hometown of Orleans and a large collection of his work at Artois University’s library. But beyond these small tributes, little has been recorded about the man behind the illustrations.


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