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“Star Wars Bands”: Superfi Spoofs Popular Album Covers Using Star Wars Puns

Tupacca – All Jediz on Me

The bloggers at Superfi have used the escalating hype to create something rather amusing: “Star Wars Bands,” a series of iconic album covers twisted to match Star Wars-related puns. Lady Gaga’s face from The Fame is mutated into a grinning “Lady JarJar”; Chewbacca throws up Tupac’s “westside” on the cover of 2paca: all jediz on me. Other spoofs include the Sex Pistols, Run-D.M.C., and Green Day. Clever and good-humored, “Star Wars Bands” will amuse music and movie lovers alike.

More info: Superfi, Facebook

Rolling Clones – Tatooine You

Lady JarJar – The Shame

Boba Fettshop Boys – AT-ATually

GreedoDay – Wookie

R2DMC feat. Aerosith – Ewok This Way

Republic Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet

The Sex Blasters – Never Mind the Sarlaccs

Yavin 5 – V

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