Designed By Nature: World’s Greatest Gallery Of Mushrooms That Look Like Butts – Design You Trust

Designed By Nature: World’s Greatest Gallery Of Mushrooms That Look Like Butts

We have all, at one time or another, looked at objects and been surprised by how much they look like something else. That’s how the human brain works, it’s constantly looking to make connections and find patterns that we recognize.

It makes sense then, that the organization of certain tiles might remind you of a lion’s face, or that the way your cat curls up makes you think of a croissant. But some of these accidental similarities that our brains see are funnier than others.

Mushrooms are a delicious food, a perfect shot of umami ideal for any diet. Because they are a fungus, they often grow in strange and unusual shapes. But there’s one shape they tend to take that reminds us of something else — something pretty darn hilarious…

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