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Judging America: Prejudice By Alternating Between Judgment And Reality By Joel Parés


Joel Parés is an internationally recognized photographer and digital artist based in Dallas, TX, who specializes in advertising and composites. He grew up watching his father take pictures with his 35mm camera and listening to his mother tell stories of her modeling days in Puerto Rico. This combination of image and story led to the use of the narrative throughout his work.

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In his powerful photo series “Judging America,” Joel Parés seamlessly fades photos of an unfounded ethnic stereotype with people’s real professions. Starting with a simple photo that’s based on the stereotypes associated with a person’s appearance, Parés fades to their real profession to make us realize how deceiving looks can truly be.


“Many of us judge incorrectly by someone’s ethnicity, by their profession, and by their sexual interest, the purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge even if we try not to,” he said.


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