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Elmer Alfred Bishop WW2 Prints

These pictures were bought by EspressoBuzz at an estate sale, and later scanned. Apparently, they all date from the 1944 year. Photos by Elmer Alfred Bishop.


“From Kiska to Kavieng, the old “QUEEN” has blasted the Japs. A class of battleship which is too slow to keep up with the latest fast “Type of” carriers is now a vital component of the most modrn, typed warefare, – amphibious ope rations, such as the taking and occupying of Guam, at which she is here shown firing. For the necessary close-in slugging and for her supporting call-fire, she cant be beat. And for the coordination and nerve to get in there and do it, the QUEEN’S CREW can’t be beat either. We gripe because it’s such a privilege it’s become a habit. at one time, we called her The Virgin Queen. That was only a little over a long year ago. nobody so insults her now. And there would be some amphibious fun if we should overhear any ill-adives insinuations”.

“Officer pollywogs become shellbacks the hard way crossing the equator”.

“Navy shells hit jackpot, raise extremely high plume of smoke (note tiny ship on the left)”.

“Our pal Kwajalein, who deserted is in Australia for a friendly tomcat”.

“Back from mission over Guam (6-16-1944). “Airdale” Anderson laughs. near his hand note Jap shrapnel hole, which went through gas tank”.

“Officers and crew waiting for USO show to begin”.

“American eagle fished out of the water in North Pacific”.

“Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”.

“Port Jap trap in action”.

“Chaplain Twitchell gives “play by play” account to those below decks”.

“One of several hospital ships we saw frequently during the year”.

“Crew sunbathing underway, port side of quarterdeck”.

“Lt. (jg) H. K. Anderson brings plane aboard after observation flight”.

“War correspondents who covered fighting from New Mex, later landed”.

“Off Tinian, Queen’s Junior Medical Officer goes to wounded «can»”.

“At Sidney, Lord Gowrie, Governor General of Australia, makes inspection”.


“Dorothy Lamours entertain boys with Hawaiian hula”.

“Russian” beauties and the beast, USO variety.

“Internees on Saipan. Some kids have fun”.

“Captain Zacharias views dead Japs while fighting still rages”.

“Plane on air strip, Majuro”.

“Commander Harrison looks in Jap pillbox, while Captain Zacharias watches”.

“Three marines dragging Jap body along dusty road on Kwajalein”.

“Unexploded 14-inch shell from American battlewagon”.

“American marine surveys Jap plane wrecked on ground”.

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