Meet Batgirl, The Daredevil Teen Who ‘Flies’ On The Tops Of Trains During Moscow’s Rush-Hour – Design You Trust

Meet Batgirl, The Daredevil Teen Who ‘Flies’ On The Tops Of Trains During Moscow’s Rush-Hour


Rush-hour in Russia means one thing for this daredevil: train surfing! The 19-year-old daredevil who goes by the name Kobzarro started train surfing aged 15 as a way of escaping an oppressive family life. Here Kobzarro can be seen balanced on top of a train as it speeds through the wintery Russian environment. Kobzarro is so dedicated to train surfing that she rarely gets inside a train. Even in winter she prefers to travel in this less conventional way. It has resulted in a few run ins with the law, but Kobzarro says it has never resulted in anything more serious than a fine, with many police officers even being interested in the train surfing community.


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