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Korean Artist Illustrates The Daily Life Of A Loving Couple In An Intimate Way

South Korea is full of talented artists, and Myeong-Minho is one of them. This man is slowly but surely taking over the hearts of people all over the internet with his beautiful drawings. And after looking at them, you might feel the beauty of falling in love yourself.

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Myeong-Minho draws cozy, intimate daily moments of a cute couple’s lives – from cooking, napping together, to travel. The cat that can be seen in most of Myeong drawing ideas is inspired by his real-life cat Dorim. “Dorim has a lot of charm and playfulness like a puppy,” illustrator wrote on his Instagram. “He is really cute and pretty, except for his hand and claws.” Myeong-Minho adopted the kitten when in the early fall of 2016, a woman came to him when he was drawing near The Dorimcheon river and asked him to hold the cat for a few minutes but then disappeared. And so the kitten left in the artist’s hands.

Myeong-Minho is an amazing illustrator whose warm and cute drawings are worth the praise and recognition, so take a look at some of his creations below.

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